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The Falcon of Siam  by  Axel Alywen

The Falcon of Siam by Axel Alywen
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Falcon of Siam: An action-adventure thriller that weaves historical fiction, epic storytelling and high drama into an unforgettable journey where a young Greek stowaway on a British East India Company ship finds his destiny in opulent 17th-century Thailand.Epic in scope, this historical fiction bestseller transports the reader to the mystery and beauty of the ancient Kingdom of Siam (modern-day Thailand) and is rated by a growing number of readers as one of the best action-adventure novels of all time.

Against the backdrop of the fight to control the Asian trade routes of three centuries ago, The Falcon of Siam is a thrilling ride through a bygone era, across the high seas and through the bejeweled halls of power.The epic saga opens as young Constantine Phaulkon is betrayed by the crew he hired to help him smuggle Dutch-made cannons to the Queen of Pattani.

At stake are not only the vast trading opportunities of this rich, opulent kingdom but the very survival of Siam as an independent country.Upon seeing Siam for the first time, Phaulkon knows that the fates have brought him here. Having worked in the Dutch colony in Batavia, he knows the desperate measures the Dutch are willing to take to wrest control of Siam, the jewel of Asia. Control of Siam and the vital Mergui Crossing would allow the Dutch to achieve a virtual monopoly of all European trade with Asia. The action accelerates as the fate of Phaulkons grand plan, not to mention his life, rests on the successful completion of the sale of the cannons.Meanwhile, sitting at the epicenter of a whirlwind of deceit, treachery and betrayal is King Narai.

The King knows that Arab traders, who his ancestors tapped to manage the Kingdoms trade with the outside world, are abusing their position, but Siam has grown dependent on them to fund Narais lavish kingdom.The King had hoped to use the Dutch as a balance to bring the Arab traders back in line. At first, the Dutch and their superior technology seem to offer a solution to this dilemma, but they are so efficient - and ruthless - they soon threaten to take control of the whole country.The latest group of foreigners to arrive in Siam are the British.

The Kings spies find among them a striking figure with darker skin and a name impossible to pronounce, but he can speak Siamese. None of the other foreigners except for a few Jesuit priests could speak Siamese, so the King decides to keep a close watch on this strange newcomer.LOOKINSIDE: To get a better feel for this historical fiction classic, please scroll back up to the Falcon of Siam book cover and click on the LOOK INSIDE button. You will get a refresher on Asian geography and the strategic location of Siam within Asia, and why control of the Mergui Crossing was so vital.

You will meet the main characters and can read the whole first chapter.

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