Things Get Rough: Five Rough Sex Erotica Stories Stacy Reinhardt


Published: July 6th 2014

Kindle Edition

36 pages


Things Get Rough: Five Rough Sex Erotica Stories  by  Stacy Reinhardt

Things Get Rough: Five Rough Sex Erotica Stories by Stacy Reinhardt
July 6th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 36 pages | ISBN: | 3.13 Mb

Rough sex comes to life in this collection of five scorching erotica stories. From rough threesomes to brutal first anal sex experiences, this ebook is packed with intense situations. It’s all a click away and it’s certain to please so click now and it can be on your kindle in seconds.Warning: This ebook has very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough first anal sex, domination, submission, younger woman sex, ffm threesome sex, reluctant semen swallowing, group first anal sex, rough deepthroat, and more.

Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.1. A Whore for the Howards: A Threesome Story By Toni ToneI never expected my babysitting job would turn into…well, into something else. I had just turned eighteen, and I was just starting to worry about college expenses.

When Mrs. Howard suggested a very sexy arrangement, I agreed. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I found out soon enough, though! I had my first lesbian sex, my first threesome, and my first anal sex! It was settled. I wouldn’t have a financial problem in the world, and even if I was the Howard Family whore, I could live with it.2.

Ambers Boyfriend and My Backdoor: A Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Kitty LeeShannon and Amber are about to move to the other side of the country for grad school and they decide they want to do something fun. Amber will Shannon’s boyfriend, Darren, and Shannon will get Amber’s boy, Mick.Mick...Shannon had no idea he’d like his sex so damned rough! She’s into it, though, and almost instantly overwhelmed by how good it all is. Soon, she’s overwhelmed for an entirely different reason.

Mick is after Shannon’s tiniest and tightest hole! It’s a rough first anal sex experience she’ll never forget.3. Corie Controlling Me: A Very Rough MFF Threesome Short by Veronica HalsteadJanelle has enjoyed wonderful threesome after wonderful threesome with Corie and Tom over the last two years, and when Corie becomes aggressive before their latest encounter, it’s strange.

It gets even more confusing because when their latest mff adventure starts, the usually sweet and meek Corie takes control with rough lesbian sex, facesitting, and using Tom and his cock as a weapon. It’s a night of rough and reluctant sex Janelle will never forget.4. The Stripper and the Pole: A Rough Sex Erotica Story By Melissa MatthewIt was on my bucket list, one time as a stripper. The very thought excited me beyond measure even though it wasn’t something I wanted to do for a job or anything like that. Hell, I was planning to just pretend I wanted the job, do an audition, cross off PERFORM AT A STRIP CLUB, and go home.

I got carried away though, and before I knew it I was going crazy in the middle of a rough sex experience!5. You’ll Wish I Really Did Have and Affair! An Extremely Rough First Anal Sex Short by Stacy ReinhardtLiv can’t calm her out of control jealousy, and a final confrontation about her husband’s secretary is the last straw.

She wants to take back everything she said! As for Seth, he wants something else. He wants Liv’s throat, her pussy, and her virgin ass! Before the night is through, Liv will have a very rough first anal sex experience, complete with forced deep throat, spanking, and forced semen swallowing!Rough sex, some of it really rough, is waiting so get to reading and enjoy the stories!

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