C.S. Lewis Theology Collection: An 11-Book Anthology C.S. Lewis


Published: July 15th 2014

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C.S. Lewis Theology Collection: An 11-Book Anthology  by  C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis Theology Collection: An 11-Book Anthology by C.S. Lewis
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Born in Ireland in 1898, C. S. Lewis was educated at Malvern College for a year and then privately. He gained a triple first at Oxford and was a Fellow and Tutor at Magdalen College 1925-54. In 1954 he became Professor of Mediaeval and Renaissance Literature at Cambridge. He was an outstanding and popular lecturer and had a lasting influence on his pupils.C. S. Lewis was for many years an atheist, and described his conversion in Surprised by Joy: ‘In the Trinity Term of 1929 I gave in, and admitted that God was God … perhaps the most dejected and reluctant convert in all England.’ It was this experience that helped him to understand not only apathy but active unwillingness to accept religion, and, as a Christian writer, gifted with an exceptionally brilliant and logical mind and a lucid, lively style, he was without peer.

The Problem of Pain, The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, The Four Loves and the posthumous Prayer: Letters to Malcolm, are only a few of his best-selling works. He also wrote some delightful books for children and some science fiction, besides many works of literary criticism.

His works are known to millions of people all over the world in translation. He died on 22nd November, 1963, at his home in Oxford.This collection contains 11 of C.S. Lewis’ theological works:* MiraclesMiracles is a book written by C. S. Lewis, originally published in 1947 and revised in 1960. Lewis argues that before one can learn from the study of history whether or not any miracles have ever occurred, one must first settle the philosophical question of whether it is logically possible that miracles can occur in principle.

He accuses modern historians and scientific thinkers, particularly secular Bible scholars, of begging the question against miracles, insisting that modern disbelief in miracles is a cultural bias thrust upon the historical record and is not derivable from it.* Mere ChristanityMere Christianity is C.S.

Lewiss forceful and accessible doctrine of Christian belief. First heard as informal radio broadcasts and then published as three separate books - The Case for Christianity, Christian Behavior, and Beyond Personality - Mere Christianity brings together what Lewis saw as the fundamental truths of the religion. Rejecting the boundaries that divide Christianitys many denominations, C.S. Lewis finds a common ground on which all those who have Christian faith can stand together, proving that at the centre of each there is something, or a Someone, who against all divergences of belief, all differences of temperament, all memories of mutual persecution, speaks the same voice.* The Screwtape LettersThe Screwtape Letters is a satirical Christian apologetic novel written in epistolary style by C.

S. Lewis, first published in book form in February 1942. The story takes the form of a series of letters from a senior Demon Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood, a Junior Tempter. The uncles mentorship pertains to the nephews responsibility for securing the damnation of a British man known only as the Patient.* Screwtape Proposes a Toast* A Grief Observed* The Abolition of Man* The Problem of Pain* Ministering Angels* Selected Essays on Theology, Ethics and Christianity* The Pilgrim’s Regress* The Great Divorce of Heaven & Hell

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