Spill the Jackpot A.A. Fair


Published: 1952



Spill the Jackpot  by  A.A. Fair

Spill the Jackpot by A.A. Fair
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Amnesia? Really? Did they fall for that crap in 1941. Love Lam, and Bertha, and Louie was fun. Gardners a good plotter but sometimes his endings leave me kind of wait! what? and I feel like I should go back and make a check list to see if everything really adds up. The Cool & Lam books are a treat because unlike Perry Mason I dont get a third or half way through the book and suddenly remember the TV episode based on it. These are fresh, despite the age, and Lams superb alternative to the typical tough guy detectives. This outing took a kind of odd turn here and there but I enjoyed it a lot, mostly I just wish certain other points had been followed up on or expanded.

4.5ish. (The plots not dependent on the Amnesia bit. :)

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